Affiliate Tips for Instagram

Here you can find some tips and ideas you can use to supercharge
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How and where to use affiliate links on Instagram?

It may not be immediately obvious how to even use Instagram for affiliate marketing because you cannot add links when you post photos. This isn’t something unusual as social networks prefer to keep their users on their site and favor posts without links with more views. 

But with a bit of creativity you can still use links on Instagram. Here are some strategies for using your links on Instagram: 

Instagram bio: If you only promote one brand, leave your affiliate link in your bio. Always have a link of some kind in your bio so your followers have somewhere else to interact with you. Influencers who promote one brand at a time sequentially can change the link in their bio to match the brand they are currently promoting.

Image Descriptions – For each image you display, make sure you utilize the image description by adding your affiliate link or affiliate coupon, and add a call to action, encouraging your audience to act.


Use coupon codes

Coupon codes have always been an effective way to get people to buy. You can post a photograph, and in the text, include a coupon. If it is an exclusive coupon code, then it has more draw because the discount is better than a normal coupon code. Not all coupon codes require a click to be tracked by an affiliate network. This is great news for these affiliates who want to promote an exclusive code but don’t want to include a link.

Swipe-up link

Business accounts with at least 10k followers can consider using a swipe-up link in Instagram stories, but some online platforms are favoring posts that are not trying to send their users off their site. This method could reduce your visibility.

Pay to promote a post

If you promote a post on Instagram, you can add a link to your post. Instagrammers can then click directly through to the affiliate product page, increasing the chances of them making a purchase. You can target your audience to specific demographics including location, interests, behaviors and purchase intent which makes it easy to find the people you are looking for. This is a great idea but you will need to invest a little of your money and time to supercharge your earning potential.


Focus on a group and use Instagram to bolster your community: 

If you focus on a group that has a highly engaged following it is more likely to be successful. If you are part of a forum, group or club you can use your Instagram to share group related content and also to promote and let the users know about new cool products and special promotions.

Use Instagram stories to highlight the brand and products you’re working with:

Anything that gets posted in Instagram stories lasts for just 24 hours. You can post a story related to what are you going to post next day, for example, you can post a story about preparing your car for a car meet and the next day you can post pictures of your car at the car meet.

Get serious about measuring your results:

Serious influencers use tools to schedule their shares at the best time to post on Instagram. And they use analytics to measure what is working so they can increase their conversion rates. 

A fantastic tool schedule your posts in all social netowrks is Buffer. Get familiar with Instagram Insights in your Instagram business account.


What NOT to do on Instagram

You hate spam, right? So does everyone else. Do not use inaccurate tags on your posts hoping that popular tags will get you more visibility. And don’t leave generic or irrelevant comments. These may make you memorable, but for all the wrong reasons. 

Never buy followers or likes. Yes, many are offering to sell them, but fake followers really hurt your engagement statistics. 

Don’t be boring. No one wants to see nothing but advertising or “all about me” posts or continual product pushing. Create the most interesting posts you can so they get shared and your following grows. 

Social networks are for being social. Having a profile set to private is just weird. And you don’t want to be weird, right? Try to be consistently engaging and interactive.  

Note: When doing reviews or recomendations always use #ad or #spot per legal requirements: 

Stay out of legal difficulties by remembering to always meet the Australian ACCC / American FTC disclosure requirements (or equivalent in your country).  Fines can be very high on both brands and influencers. So even if you are not likely to be prosecuted, do you really want to take that chance?

Also, bear in mind that you are held accountable for the accuracy of what you post. Please don´t exaggerate or fail to be truthful in your posts. 


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