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Fortunately, it was not literally an accident at 240km/h, everything was just a very big scare.

Without a doubt, traveling at full speed (safely) on an Autobahn is one of those experiences that you will always remember. In the case of the driver of the this Volkswagen Golf GTI featured in this article, he is not going to forget that day, but for a much worse reason: having suffered an accident!. Fortunately despite hitting another car, and nearly having accident at 240km/h, no injuries were caused and only the right side of the sports compact was affected (and we are sure that also the drivers underwear had to be thoroughly washed afterwards). Of course, the scare was great, as you can see in the video. 

Volkswagen Golf GTI The Original 2019
accident at 240km/h

Everything indicates that the culprit was the driver of the other car, as he was traveling occupying part of the left lane. Despite the fact that the owner of the Golf gave him several headlight signals, the person did not react by moving to the right and they ended up impacting, luckly gently. 

After the incident, he had to put the ‘warning lights’ and move towards the right shoulder of the road until he came to a complete stop. What a scare!!! His guardian angel must have been working overtime that day.

Volkswagen Golf GTI The Original 2019

The recording shows that when traveling on an Autobahn, it is essential to be fully focused and alert on driving, both when traveling at a high speed and at a more moderate pace. 

Of course, my experience on this type of road has been very rewarding, and the maximum respect and care is taken, also driving in the correct lane is commendable. 

Test Volkswagen Golf GTI The Original 2020

What we also make clear from the video is the noble and confident reaction of the seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI to emergency braking. In no time, the car stays in control and always follows a straight line. 

Of course, a high-performance car (up to 245 hp the Performance version) also has to have a brake system and a well set up set of electronic driving aids, and the German sports compact offers them in tirades and ready to protect you in case of an an accident at 240km/h. 

Stay and drive safe guys!

Source: Carpool of Eren

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