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This Volkswagen Golf R32 MK4 is from 2004, and was recently for sale at BringaTrailer.com. Did someone say time capsule?

In 2002, the fourth generation was crowned with the exciting and instant collectible Volkswagen Golf R32 mk4. Situated just above the GTI, it had a naturally aspirated V6 engine, with 3.2 liters of displacement, generating 241 hp and 320 Nm of maximum torque. 

This compact sports car had a six-speed manual gearbox, although it could optionally come with the DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission with the same number of gears. The mechanical force was distributed to the two axles through using 4Motion all-wheel drive system. 

Volkswagen Golf R32 2004 almost new
Volkswagen Golf R32 2004 almost new
Volkswagen Golf R32 2004 almost new
Volkswagen Golf R32 2004 almost new
Volkswagen Golf R32 2004 almost new

The Golf R32 boasted a top speed of 247 km / h and accelerated from 0 to 100 in just 6.6 seconds. Of course, many dreamed of owning this vehicle, which in had a price of more than 35,000 euros. 

You don’t see many units on the road today, and it was actually a very niche car in its day. Obviously, you can do good business with it, especially if it has been used very little, like this copy recently auctioned at Bring a Trailer. 

It is an American unit from 2004, the main attraction of this unit is that it barely marks 1,800 miles on the on-board computer, a distance that is equivalent to less than 3,000 kilometers. In addition, it is in its original state, without any preparation. What a gem! 

Its second owner bought it in February of this year and was the one who has driven it a little (or very little) these previous months. Of course, it never had an accident and the Pearl Blue exterior color remains factory fresh.  Volkswagen Golf R32 2004 almost new

As you can see in the photos, the interior is impeccable, as is the V6 engine, which seems freshly installed in the car. Therefore, it is not surprising that the acquisition price has risen to $ 62,000, around 52,400 euros. 

This Volkswagen Golf R32 mk4 has been revalued over time, but what we want is that its new owner, enjoy it and not keep it in a garage for speculative purposes. Nothing would sadden us more than it began to collect dust!

Source: Bringatrailer.com

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